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“Our Autonomy at Work Is a Privilege, Not a Right”
Examining work-from-home culture during the pandemic, pulling from personal experience and Harvard research. — For Index

“The Non-Definitive List of Things That Are Not Generous Workplace Benefits
An examination of the rights some businesses try to pass off as privileges in their job postings — like paid parking, PTO, and “a safe, nurturing environment.” — For Index

“3 Kick-Ass Questions to Ask in Your Next Job Interview”
Three unique questions interviewees can ask their prospective future employers. — For Other Duties Assigned

“How Much of Your Salary Would You Give To Keep an Employee?”
Citing talent management guru Claire Lew, this story explores the question: How much are your employees worth? — For Two Minute Madness


Organizational Culture is a Verb, Not a Policy
Three practical, practicable ways to focus on the culture that social impact organizations wish to see down the road. — For NonProfit PRO

We Need a Nonprofit Development Bill of Rights
Ten recommendations to boost self-care and psychological safety for the benefit of fundraisers and the nonprofit sector writ large. — For Philanthropy News Digest

“The Stay Interview: How an HR Practice Can Help Nonprofits Engage Their Supporters”
Examples of six engaging questions nonprofit staff can ask donors to better connect them with an organization and grow philanthropy. — For Philanthropy News Digest

“Three Things You Can Do Instead of Founding a Nonprofit”
Three alternative ways for well-intentioned people to get involved with the social sector, rather than creating a new nonprofit in a crowded industry. — For Philanthropy News Digest


A Story of Crooked Postage
A story about how something small — like a well-placed stamp — can make all the difference for our brands. — For Better Marketing

“Talking About Outcomes, Not Outputs”
A feature exploring how nonprofits can shift donors’ mindsets by talking about impact instead of outputs. — For Philanthropy News Digest

“The Anatomy of a Tone-Deaf Social Media Post”
Oberlin Conservatory made some missteps with its “Celebration of Black History” concert, and this story researched Oberlin’s history and the slow changes happening in the equity space. — For Better Marketing


How I Found Comfort With a Long Family Quarantine
A personal essay about the joy and beauty of getting “stuck” with family during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. — For P.S. I Love You

“A Good Collaboration is Something You Miss”
An interview with Iranian-American multi-artist and puppetry master, Afsaneh Aayani. — For Puppetry Journal

“Lynn Lane’s Transitory Sound and Movement Collective is Making Shifts in Houston”
A dive into one of Texas’ most interesting creative performing arts ensembles, the Transitory Sound and Movement Collective. — For Arts + Culture TX

“How To Preserve Your Voice Through Hours of Virtual Meetings”
As a former singer, this article explores four actionable ways to preserve our voices on the virtual meetings that aren’t going away anytime soon. — For Better Humans